Stop Soldier Suicide

Stop Soldier Suicide was founded by U.S. Army veterans Brian Kinsella, Nick Black, and Craig Gridelli in 2010 amid the worst suicide crisis our military has ever seen.

What we do

Stop Soldier Suicide empowers the military community by providing free resources and support to all past and present military and their families through an established, comprehensive, trusted network of individuals and organizations that meet the complex needs of the military community and are capable of anticipating and mitigating suicide risk factors, promoting resiliency, inspiring hope, and encouraging healing and personal growth.

Our resources include:

Mental health
Emergency financial aid
Housing assistance
PTSD and/or TBI referrals
Alternative therapies (HBOT, art therapy, equine therapy, etc.)
Education / GI Bill assistance
…and much more.

Why it matters

On average, 22 veterans and active duty service members are lost to suicide every day — and hundreds of thousands more struggle with mental and physical issues. This crisis impacts military from every generation and branch of service, as well as their family members.

Who we serve

Stop Soldier Suicide provides free resources and support to all past and present military and their families.

What makes us different

When you reach out to Stop Soldier Suicide, you’ll speak with a case manager who will work to identify your specific needs and connect you with resources that can help.

We track your progress over the course of 24 months, during which time we speak with you one-on-one no less than 10 times.

Get involved

YOU can provide mission-critical support to help Stop Soldier Suicide. Here’s how to get involved.
Download our info sheet

Click here to download a printable one-sheet with information about Stop Soldier Suicide.

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