Rudolfo Hernandez, Medal of Honor, Korean War

Rudolfo Hernandez, Medal of Honor, Korean War

On May 31, 1951, Corporal Rodolfo “”Rudy”” Hernandez held his position against an overwhelming enemy attack, stopping the advance at Wontong-ni, South Korea; he would struggle through years of rehabilition for injuries he received that day. Hernandez was awarded the Medal of Honor on April 12, 1952.

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National Medal Of Honor Museum Name New CEO

The National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation announced that distinguished chief executive officer and museum president, Joe Daniels, will take the helm as CEO of the National Medal of Honor Museum, effective April 1, 2018.
For 11 years, Daniels directed planning, construction, and the development and operations for the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City. Drawing on the strong connection between 9/11 and the U.S. military, Daniels created a spectrum of events and special programs for thousands of veterans and members of the military, including Medal of Honor recipients. Additionally, Daniels worked diligently to ensure that military families were included in these initiatives, understanding they also made profound sacrifices for our country.
Mr. Daniels’s experience will be key in advancing the Medal of Honor Museum as it becomes a vital national institution. The Museum will preserve the history of America’s greatest heroes and inspire visitors and future generations to act bravely and honorably by valuing others above oneself.

“It is a tremendous privilege to help lead the National Medal of Honor Museum. I learned so much about sacrifice at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum from family members of those who were killed, first responders, rescue and recovery workers, and the men and women who enlisted in response to the attacks. Taking this step to ensure a legacy for Medal of Honor recipients, some of whom I had the privilege to meet, is, for me, absolutely the right thing to do next,” said Joe Daniels. “This museum, centered around our core values, will house uniquely American stories of bravery and sacrifice, serve as a place for all to gather and will be a place our entire country will cherish. I am deeply thankful to the museum’s board of directors for entrusting me with this great responsibility.”

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The National Medal of Honor Museum offers a wide welcome, providing a wealth of educational opportunities and sharing diverse American stories. The  is our nation’s highest military decoration. Since its founding in 1863, 3,517 Medals of Honor have been awarded. The award unites Americans around what it means to be patriotic.
“What is exceptional about the National Medal of Honor Museum is that it’s a living thing that will grow and adapt as new stories of American courage are added. As our nation changes, the museum stories will reflect that evolution,” stated William W. Phillips, Chairman of the National Medal of Honor Museum. “The board is confident that Joe is the perfect person to bring the dream of this living museum to fruition.”
Located at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, alongside the historic Charleston Harbor, the Museum will celebrate the American values of courage, patriotism, sacrifice, integrity and humility embodied in each Medal of Honor recipient. The lessons derived from these unique stories will shape the generations of Americans to come.
“I️ truly believe the Medal of Honor Museum is something our country needs – not for the Medal of Honor recipients, but for all of those who we, as recipients, wear the Medal for. We wear it for those who have raised their right hand, served, sacrificed and given life and limb for our country. The museum will teach our children, the future of our country, and adults alike, character, perspective and what it means to serve a purpose bigger than themselves,” said Corporal William Kyle Carpenter, Medal of Honor recipient. “I am extremely excited to have Mr. Joe Daniels join our devoted team to help us accomplish this incredibly important project.”

“Receiving the Medal of Honor comes with a significant weight and responsibility. Part of that responsibility is a commitment to share my story and the stories of all recipients to educate citizens on how these individuals have shaped our American way,” stated retired Maj. James Taylor, Medal of Honor recipient and Medal of Honor Society member. “The museum will encourage our countrymen, especially our youth, to understand the cost of freedom and strive to live those values.”
As American soldiers risk their lives in combat, their acts of bravery exceed beyond the call of duty and serve as an inspiration to all Americans. These heroes and their stories deserve to have a permanent home.

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Reprinted with the permission of War History Online

Lifeline: Pearl Harbor’s Unknown Hero

Gary Sinise will provide the narration for “Lifeline: Pearl Harbor’s Unknown Hero” when the one-hour World War II Foundation documentary film premieres sometime around Veterans Day of 2018.

Sinise, well known for his award-winning movie and television roles, is an avid supporter of America’s military, both past, and present.

Joe George is probably a name unfamiliar to almost every American, but on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor, Joe George was every bit a hero in the opening moments of America’s violent entry into World War II.

George, a crewman on the USS Vestal, which was moored alongside the USS Arizona on Battleship Row in the harbor, ignored orders from a superior officer and helped save the lives of six USS Arizona crewmen, the last Arizona sailors to get off the battleship alive.

A Medal of Honor effort is underway by the five remaining USS Arizona survivors to make sure Joe George is posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his efforts at Pearl Harbor 76 years ago.

“Gary Sinise is absolutely the perfect person to narrate this important film, ” said Tim Gray, Chairman of the non-profit World War II Foundation and writer, producer and director of 19 films to date on the personal stories of the WWII generation. “Gary has a tremendous voice, but most of all a deep passion for recognizing those generations who have done so much for us, both in the past and present day,” Gray said.

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Courtesy of War History Online.

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