Operation Pay It Forward

Operation Pay It Forward

Mission Statement

Our mission is to show our appreciation for our fighting veterans by connecting them with others that share the same passions and are willing to get them into the outdoors and enjoying life again. We challenge all of the veterans that participate to “Pay It Forward” by spreading the word to their brothers and sisters that need help or could use some time in the outdoors to re-focus their minds on the important things in life!

About OPIF

There are plenty of worthwhile charities in this world. There are a lot of those that need help and many social benefits are available to those that are going through a bad time or experiencing medical issues.
Our nation’s veterans raised their hands and purposely put themselves in harm’s way to sacrifice for their fellow Americans. Unfortunately, our society has not put the same measures in place to take care of the unique struggles and injuries our combat veterans return home with. Most struggle to simply understand what our returning veterans are trying to cope with in civilian life.
Operation Pay It Forward was founded and organized by veterans that understand the healing process and help by providing a new focus and mission for these veterans. One of the biggest voids is from the lack of comradery and brotherhood that kept them alive in combat situations. In the civilian life, this is most easily duplicated by spending time in the field hunting, fishing or simply enjoying the outdoors.
Our goal is to provide a new focus for our returning veterans and provide them with a new mission to help save their brothers and sisters they served with. The enemy in civilian life is often within the veteran and much more difficult to identify and fight. We are here to help in that battle.

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Please show your support to the brave men and women of America’s Armed Forces.The best way to help spread the word is to re-post these articles with your Contacts/Friends.
Your support of this mission is appreciated

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4 Replies to “Operation Pay It Forward”

  1. Imagine if you joined the U.S. Navy in 1974 in August. Imagine in your 5th week of bootcamp you’re hospitalized with epidemic Hepititis “A” along with 147 other sailors and marines. Imagine if you experienced a dizzy spell and fell backward hit your head knocked out 14 hrs. Imagine spending 6+ weeks instead of the 10 days normally quarantine. Now imagine being sent back to NTC but instead of going back to 5th week you’re sent to 9th week so you graduate without 6-7-8 weeks under your belt. Imagine you’re still dazed and yet sent to your duty ship. You go on weekend pass. Come back a day early only to find your ship was moved to another pier and SP scares the heck out of you making you think you’ve missed movement. Fastfwd. 40 yrs later you discover the VA and national record can’t find bootcamp/hospital records.

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