Rules For Burning The American Flag.

Burning the American flag is wrong.

For years, both the House and the Senate have managed to dodge the issue of passing a law to protect the Stars and Stripes from desecration.
So if Congress doesn’t have the guts to do something on that order, I’d like to propose an alternative.

And that is to pass a law permitting burning the American flag as a sign of protest.

However, this law would have some slight provisions.

A protester would have to perform this act in front of one these locations:
An American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or an Armed Forces recruitment center.

And before being allowed to burn the flag, the person wishing to do so would have to go inside one of the aforementioned buildings and make the following announcement:

“I am about to go outside and set fire to the American flag, as I do not like or respect America or what this country and the flag stands for, I feel it is my right to do this as a form of protest.”

And if the people who just heard that statement care to respond with their own form of protest, so be it.

Image for the American Flag

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